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The Wealth Of Small Gestures

Written by  Priscilla K. Garatti
The Wealth Of Small Gestures Photo by Ben Urcan

Some of us make highly visible, elaborate contributions to the whole. Some of us are part of the ticking mechanics of the world, the incremental wealth of small gestures.~Katherine May (From Wintering, The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times)

He loves teeth and finding ways to keep them. My dentist. Two days ago this humble doctor performed surgery on my mouth. Before he began, he told me that he prays over each patient that he sees. This small gesture before surgery caused my heartbeat to slow. During surgery I drifted in and out as the IV sedation flowed through my veins. I heard bits and snippets of the conversation between my dentist and his assistant. "That looks perfect. Just perfect."  "We have done just what she needed doing." "Wonderful outcome." It was as if their hopeful declarations blended together to create a chorus of goodwill.

The surgical experience reminded me of the beauty of small gestures that often go unnoticed by me--that happen every day. The postman whose smile is bright white and always tells me to have a good day. "We must stay positive," he says. I always feel better after I see him at the mailboxes inside my complex. Then the kindness of strangers. The driver who lets me merge, then waves and smiles. My husband who brings me hot, fragrant coffee (with just enough cream) and places it by my bedside. The unexpected text. "I'd like to invite you for a glass of prosecco to celebrate the next chapter in our lives." The snail mail from a friend. I recognize her handwriting and it's as if I'm with her. The homemade blueberry muffin served on a pretty plate. A Will Ferrell GIF that makes me laugh. The librarian's friendly greeting.

May we all be aware of the wealth of these small gestures every day. May we provide them to others...

Blessing Of Small Gestures

We all have something to give.

We all have something to receive.

May we give and receive each day and recognize the beauty and balance of each act.

When in doubt, give freely to the person who frowns and spews negativity. A smile costs nothing other than moving a few facial muscles. And it might help more than you know.

Speak gently.

Blessed are those who laugh.

Use your pretty plates.

Whisper a prayer for the angry driver who flips you the bird.

Blessed are the tolerant.

Be the artist of your day by offering small gestures of love.

Blessed are those who give and receive.

Blessed are those who notice.


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